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Child Namings

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Classroom Training

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NOCN Accredited Syllabus
Funerals and Weddings
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Considering becoming a Celebrant?  

with Fellowship of Independent Celebrants Ltd (FOIC)
FOIC is an organisation that trains and certifies Celebrants to possibly the highest standard in the industry.
Classroom Training in Banbury, London (Croydon) and Newport (WALES)

Dear David, I led my first baby funeral service yesterday. Your training meant that I was able to go to the family meeting feel calmer and was in a position to offer proper and full support.  Leading the service was the single most rewarding thing I've done in my life.  Thanks for your steady hand, wisdom and advice during our training session. Little xxxxx passed away aged just one day but he got the loving service he deserved and that his parents deeply needed. Best wishes and thanks again. Kathryn S.


"The energy and enthusiasm from all who are involved in FOIC is incredible;
David is the catalyst and one just can't help but be inspired by his energy and commitment to what he does." Karen Spencer

"Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to yourself and Amanda. I thought the training was very thorough and the passion and compassion you both have for the work you do really shines through...
It is also infectious! Helen Pollitside

Welcome by David Abel (Founder and CEO)

Being a celebrant is a wonderful job.
Thanks to the detailed training and mentorship we very much hope you will love what you do as a Civil Celebrant too.

How do FOIC courses & final qualification compare to others on the market? I am biased but this is not a difficult question to answer. If I was in the market to choose a training provider for weddings and/or funerals it would be an essential requirement the course leaders were experienced celebrants themselves. Not all celebrants make good trainers, therefore I would want confirmation that the training course truly delivers the goods - but how can this be judged? Asking celebrants whether they are obtaining work and making a living - surely that would be the best test as to whether a training provider is delivering what they promise. FOIC have a proven track record in celebrant training. We have video clips of celebrants testifying they were busy within weeks of completing their training. I don’t know of any other celebrant training organisation that provides such evidence.

FOIC are as transparent as possible. We regularly arrange celebrant regional meetings and anybody considering becoming a celebrant is invited to attend, at no cost. You meet other celebrants and also enjoy mini-classroom training on these days. Celebrants only pay for lunch, the day is always free of cost. Does any other celebrant training organisation offer this?

FOIC provide ongoing mentoring, again free of charge. FOIC are at the cutting edge of the celebrant industry. Talk to FOIC celebrants and then make an educated decision as to whether we are the best option for you. No other training provider offers the same (or even close) as FOIC. That’s a fact!

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FOIC is an Approved NOCN Training Centre
offering NOCN Certificate and Diploma Training


FOIC are passionate about Funerals, weddings, handfastings, vow renewals and child naming!
FOIC provide Celebrant classroom training courses in Banbury and London, Croydon
FOIC provide NOCN UK Accredited training which is recognised in Europe
FOIC Tutors do not read out of manuals! Interactive learning experience guaranteed
FOIC keep classes small so you receive a focused, customised training experience
FOIC provide Continual Learning Development with regular seminars and workshops
FOIC hold Regional Meetings EVERY MONTH - Yorkshire, Wales, Croydon, Northampton & Somerset.

  • You will be taught how to prepare and conduct ceremonies for all occasions.
  • You will also learn how to manage your Celebrancy business.
  • To stand out from the crowd you will be shown how to promote and market your services.
  • Upon successful completion of the training you will leave the course with more than a piece of paper!
  • You will be leaving with the skills required to be a Wedding and/or Funeral Celebrant.
  • You have the opportunity to receive a UK National Accreditation - not Australian or American!